GET UP… ya, no I am serious. ( on a serious note)

You can stand right back up after being lights out/knocked out
You have to get back up, but unless you can do so with a smile, knowing your spirit stood back up with you … than u may as well lay your ass back down where u landed.
Realize it as soon as you can when you lose your inner spirit and guidance because most pain caused afterwards is self inflicted.
I’m not the only one with obstacles,  and others who get knocked down but are destined to stand back up swinging with a story to inspire ..
I believe they all think the same thing as I did when I seen a quote that says, “GET UP, YOUR STORY ISNT OVER YET.
We all think the same thing… which is,
No matter how long it takes. The battle against yourself is the only battle worth conquering. In order to find yourself so that you can love yourself……. So that you can help others, do the same.
#stfu #getup

So i finally found the love of my life and yesterday I went and got lost running around in the foot hills. Small town love 💓💓💓💓💓

I forgot sunscreen, so I know I will be fried tomorrow but it was worth it !

First day back at it and my legs are shaking but it feels good and I am smiling 😁😁😁😁😁

Instead of the talk test, I did the “sing slipknot” test and when I would get too tired to sing I would take a break and walk.

So I walked and ran and mostly ran all the way back down because it was down hill and I was getting fried by the sun.

I need a tan but dammmmmn. 😂😂😂😂

Travel trailer, office and home – all in one son

Running has never been an issue in other aspects of my life at least.

Being independant and working a tech support job from home… and by home I mean from one I can afford,  so technically a fixed up travel trailer.

Dont laugh! Okay, its okay. I am laughing too. 😂

Its logical though really. There isnt technically an office space here at my moms, so I am improvising. All in one son.

Ill Save up and only invest in myself. Work my ass off and run at night gitty in the shitty city thinking im witty.

And I have not forgotton about my mission here, and that I have some goals to smash.

  • Run and lose 30 Lbs.
  • Only focus on me.
  • Buy a “vintage tiny home”
  • Make lots of money.
  • Fix my credit, Iv been learning a lot about disputes. (so interesting finding out how creditors can be so shady over medical bills! This shall be fun )

After wasting so much of my time and effort on relationships.

I have decided to only rely on me and quit putting my heart into people that dont give a shit about me.

Below is what I have found that I can actually afford, and the picture on the bottom is in my opinion over priced but the top one is actually way cute if I was a spider.

On a run day one all over again

My new running jacket came in the mail today:)

Found a new trail as well.

Here is a poem real quick out of the random blue because I love you-



“I don’t know where I am running to.

Nor do I have anyone to.

But I will find my way all on my own.

The last thing I need in my life is a human

with testosterone.”


My poetry used to be all depressing, but I know laughter is the only way I can deal with things without getting all emotional. 🙂

Running is also my road to saving myself.

I know its only been a few times a week so far but its better than I have ever done in my life.


I want to put the talk test to test tonight too, it always depends on the situation and my comfort zone however but I guess it will pan out the way it will pan out.


We will see 🙂